Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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A Notice of Assessment (NOA) is an official document issued by the CRA to an individual or entity after the submission of a tax return. It provides details about the deductions and credits applied as well as carry-forward amounts. It serves as living proof that a taxpayer has met their filing obligations.

Slips issued by your employer or financial institution should be received by the end of February. (Ex: T4, T4A, T5).

Three primary methods are:

  1. CRA MyAccount under “Accounts and Payments” 
  2. CRA’s “My Payment” service. 
  3. Canadian Banking Institution (TD, RBC, CIBC, etc)

The uncommon method is paying through CRA’s third-party service providers such as Canada Post, PaySimply, Telpay, etc

If you are experiencing financial hardship and require interest or penalty relief you must complete both:

  1. RC4288 Request for Taxpayer Relief – Cancel or Waive Penalties and Interest
  2. RC376 Taxpayer Relief Request – Statement of Income and Expenses and Assets and Liabilities for Individuals

Note: This application can be completed through CRA MyAccount under “Accounts and Payments” 

The CRA will never reveal confidential information through emails. They will always ask you to login to their secure sever.

Scammers will use coercive language, ask individuals to click a link, and insist on entering your personal information to receive a refund or benefit.

By logging into CRA MyAccount and selecting “Profile” there will be an option to setup direct deposit.

Alternatively, our tax professionals can electronically file a T1-DD to the CRA on your behalf.

We provide a fast and simple drop-off service.

When you’re ready, submit your documents, and we’ll take care of the rest.