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About us

We help taxpayers navigate the complex world of taxation.

What we do

Altruistic Accounting is a dynamic, client-centric tax preparation service dedicated to delivering unparalleled service to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our altruistic doctrine encourages commitment to competence, integrity, and stewardship.


As a tax preparation service, we offer:

1. Tax Preparation

Streamlining tax preparation for individuals & businesses.

2. Tax Compliance

Uncompromising adherence to tax legislation.

3. Tax Situations

Specialized solutions for unique tax situations.

Exclusive Offers

Offers expire April 1st, 2024

T1 Tax Adjustments

Let us help you recover missed tax credits and deductions

30% OFF

For Newcomers & International Students (SIN begins with 9)

15% OFF

For Students & Seniors

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Canadian Tax Calculator

We provide a fast and simple Remote Drop-off service.

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